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NeuroHealth Services needed an agency to manage their Google Ads campaign and optimize it for lead generation, manage their local business listings, and create and develop ongoing content for their website.

Quick Facts

  • Managed Google Ads campaign, optimizing for lead generation

  • Organized and cleaned up local business listings, ensuring accuracy

  • Ongoing SEO-optimized web content development


NeuroHealth specializes in neurorehabilitation treatment for people who have vertigo, migraines, post-concussion syndrome, and other neurological disorders. They purchased an out-of-the-box content management system and built a basic website and had implemented a basic Google Ads campaign, but neither were optimized to promote the lead generation they needed to grow the practice. 


NeuroHealth Services had also moved to a new location, and Google listings were showing inconsistent address and contact information. Our clients also needed assistance optimizing their Google Ads campaign to promote the phone calls and form fills required to get new patients in the door. Additionally, as the practitioners of a small but growing healthcare clinic, they didn’t have the time or tools needed to take advantage of the full range of functionality their CMS offered. Last, they needed additional content developed as the services and treatment options they offered continued to grow and evolve. 


BoxCrush optimized Neurohealth’s Google Ads campaign, which resulted in more phone calls to the clinic. BoxCrush was also able to update the clinic’s local listings where the old address was still showing up, enabling accurate and consistent information across all online business channels. BoxCrush took full advantage of the tools their CMS offered by adding some customizations and branding that personalized the website and also adding forms and downloads that resulted in increased lead generation from the website. BoxCrush also provides ongoing content development for NeuroHealth. As the clinic evolves and continues to offer new treatments and services, BoxCrush keeps the website up-to-date, creating new pages and content as needed, and ensuring that content is SEO-optimized to rank high in relevant searches.