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General Motors Component Holdings
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Four websites in one—that was the website design requirement for GM Component Holdings, LLC, which includes three unique but synergistic business units within its Kokomo Manufacturing facilities.
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The website needed to include the distinct business units—the Semiconductor business, the thick Film Printing business, and the Electronics Assembly business—plus an overall site linking all three together. Each business unit needed a site with separate navigation, yet the site as a whole had to present a uniform appearance and tone throughout.

Customized solutions developed by BoxCrush included:

  • A website section for each of the business units: Semiconductor, Thick Film Printing, and Electronics Assembly.
  • Basically, four websites in one: one for each business unit and one for the overall site
  • Separate segmented access to approved personnel for each of the four website sections, as well as access for the parent company personnel.
  • Site search, customized for each business unit
  • Home page custom rotator for graphics and content