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What is Sitefinity CMS vs DXP?

by Marie Lewis | Apr 21, 2023, 13:19 PM
What is Sitefinity CMS vs DXP?

What is a Digital Experience Platform?

Over the last couple of years, you might have heard more talk in the tech world about DXPs, or digital experience platforms. But what is a DXP? 

It’s like a CMS…right? 

Rather than a simple web content management platform (CMS), or a single platform for managing images, photos, and videos, and publishing them on the internet, a DXP is an entire suite of technologies designed to enhance every part of the digital experience for you and your customers and prospects, plus your staff and business partners, too.

Much like Google Analytics has moved from Universal Analytics to GA4, which enables you to track your audiences across all devices and platforms, a DXP allows businesses to manage data across multiple interconnected systems in order to develop a more comprehensive picture of their digital business landscape and provide a more unique and immersive experience for their customers. 

A Self-Service Model

The ideal digital experience is one of self-service, meeting users wherever they are and delivering the tools they need to answer questions and solve problems on their own.

It’s an approach that serves both the marketer and the customer, since you get the privilege of following your contacts from click to conversion to brand evangelism, and your customer has greater control over their privacy, their preferences, and the content that is curated for them. 

And a DXP makes life easier for your staff and business partners, too. This model of the anytime, anywhere self-service strategy empowers staff to be more proactive and work without obstacles. Similarly, providing your partners with quality digital experiences through self-service tools like sales portals or invoicing systems can help expand your reach and reinforce the strength of your brand and reputation in your industry.

How do I know whether Sitefinity CMS or DXP is right for me? 

First of all, you don’t have to qualify. Anyone can use the technologies provided by Sitefinity and start improving their customer experience and digital marketing today! But here are a few clues that you might be ready to evolve:

  • You’re using all of the tools a basic web CMS has to offer and you’re ready for more
  • You have a large social audience or email contact list and you want to leverage those connections to turn more of those casual followers into people who are totally obsessed with your brand
  • You want to leverage Sitefinity’s refined AI algorithms that deliver an improved understanding of user behavior and segmentation (ie: let the machines do the work for you!)
  • You’re a data geek and you want to track every metric there is
  • You’re really more of a “big picture” person but you want the data geeks working for you to track every metric there is 
  • You just want to know what else is out there

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