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Google Analytics 4 is Coming: Here’s What You Need to Know

by Marie Lewis | Oct 26, 2022, 16:39 PM
A mobile device displaying Google Analytics 4 in front of an orange textured backgrounds.

Attention Google Analytics users! If you created your Analytics property before October 14, 2020, you're likely using a Universal Analytics property that will need to be updated to the new Google Analytics 4. (If you created your property after October 14, 2020, you're likely using a GA4 property already, and no action is required! Go you!)

Here are four cool things you get with the new GA4.

More accurate and more comprehensive tracking

GA4 promises to track your audiences across all devices and platforms for a more complete understanding of how your customers browse and shop and what they’re looking for. 

One of the ways it will do that is by using events instead of session-based data. What that means for you is a greater emphasis on the interactions that drive the results you’re looking for. Some common types of events are tracked automatically, such as page loads, clicks, and purchases. You can also set up custom events that you define using a set of parameters specific to your business, such as a download, event sign-up, or appointment request.


Another critical aspect of GA4 to look forward to is the improved reporting and visualizations with the Explorations tool, formerly available only to Analytics 360 subscribers. The Explorations tool provides additional data and tools that aren’t available in the main reports section and allows you to explore that data in greater detail. 

  • Cohort explorations examine the behavior of groups with similar traits
  • Segment overlap explorations examine the relationships between different segments and can help identify new ones
  • Funnel explorations examine how users complete actions and how you can optimize for your conversion goals


GA4 is built with the latest privacy regulations and the cookieless future in mind.

Relying on first-party rather than third-party cookies keeps GA4 compliant with new privacy laws, like the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. But it means website administrators using GA4 must also take steps to be compliant. 

This includes obtaining consent from users to collect their personal data and having an updated privacy policy detailing how collected data is used, whom it may be shared with, and how to opt out. 

Machine Learning

To fill in the gaps in data from users who opt out, GA4 offers behavioral modeling in which machine learning estimates the behavior patterns of similar users. These predictions can show you how users with similar traits move across your platforms, while also helping to identify areas of weakness in your marketing campaigns. For eCommerce platforms, it can provide purchase probability and reve9nue forecasting. 

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On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will no longer process data. To learn more about updating to the new GA4 or installing it for the first time to begin measuring the traffic and engagements across your platforms, contact us using the form below or call us at 317-816-9353.

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