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5 Things You’ll Love About Sitefinity 14.3

by Marie Lewis | Jan 30, 2023, 17:26 PM
Sitefinity Upgrade

If you’re a Sitefinity user, you already know that it’s a full-featured enterprise web content management system (CMS) designed to support all of the advanced development, templates, eCommerce, and mobile applications your website requires. 

Suppose it’s been a while since you installed an update. In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that Sitefinity’s latest update, version 14.3, offers even more tools for customizing and optimizing your site to boost traffic and drive conversions. Here are five things you’ll love about Sitefinity version 14.3.

Conversion optimization

Sitefinity’s new conversion optimization tool uses AI to analyze the behavior patterns of your site’s visitors in order to recommend the next steps in the current visitor’s journey. 

Pro tip: Choose one conversion per page; optimize it for your most important conversion only.

Section presets

Section presets allow you to create a reusable collection of page widgets that can be implemented across multiple pages, eliminating the need to recreate the same group of widgets on every page. These could include elements such as a contact form, a download, a grouping of product links, and an image.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Pro tip: Always use a strong command verb to start your CTA. For eCommerce, use “buy”, “shop”, and “order now”; for information requests, use “download”, “get a quote”, and “find out how…”

Classification widget

If you have a list of news items, and some of them are weather-related news while others are traffic-related news, you give the users the opportunity to filter only traffic or only weather news by clicking the respective tag.

Pro tip: Classifications and tags should enhance your website’s user experience by narrowing material to a manageable amount of options and offering your visitors a positive feeling of choice and control. 

Search facets

Facets are used to group search results based on predefined fields, allowing you to enhance and customize your website’s search experience for your users. They allow users to further narrow down search results.

Pro-tip: You can optimize your search results for conversions by regularly reviewing the results returned on common and popular searches to ensure your site is displaying the most relevant results.

Optimal speed, security, and accessibility

If you've noticed your traffic dropping off, your site speed and load times aren't as fast as they used to be, and your bounce rate has increased, it might be time for a CMS update! Keeping your content management system up to date with the latest version ensures optimal speed, security, and accessibility for your visitors.

Pro tip: Using an online tool such as Google PageSpeed Insights can help you identify and fix issues slowing down your website. 

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