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6 ways we can use data to create better content

by Marie Lewis | Oct 8, 2021, 17:11 PM
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Everyone tosses around terms like “data-driven” and “know your audience,” but what does that really mean, and how can we do it in a way that drives meaningful, measurable outcomes for business? As Progress notes, looking at data after the fact only accomplishes so much.  

Here are some ways we can create data-driven content in a way that drives results and generates even more data. 

1. Literally, just ask. Using an interactive tool like a quiz or questionnaire to help your contacts identify needs that aren’t being met allows you to offer them solutions. This not only helps you identify your ideal buyer but also helps weed out those who might not be a good fit. 

2. Examine the most popular content on your website. You can look at a top-performing page not only as a success but also as an opportunity to expand on that content. If your most-read blog post of all time was published five years ago, what has changed since then? What’s missing? Is there an opportunity to repurpose that content into an infographic or video? 

3. Look at pages that are performing poorly, too. Which pages have the highest bounce rate? Examine what visitors might have been searching for that they weren’t able to find. And again, you can just ask them. You can install Sitefinity widgets and Wordpress plugins to enable feedback and forms on any page.

4. Keywords! Using keyword research and content gap analysis helps determine high volume searches your website should be ranking for. Hubspot calls this sort of research “reverse engineering,” in which we develop content based on what’s popular. For example, some of the highest volume searches on Google begin with the words “how to.” Think about what your company offers and how you can create a search result around that product or service.  

5. Behavioral email. According to HubSpot, automated emails based on triggers are the most effective but least-used form of engagement! Tracking how users choose to engage with your website and allowing their actions to dictate the emails they receive is a more user-friendly approach to sending email. This could be as simple as automation based on a request for information. We do this for a client who treats patients suffering from concussions. When users fill out a form requesting information about their condition, they automatically receive an email with a fact sheet and next steps. Additionally, if your contact database is integrated with your website, blog, and social media platforms, you can automate emails based on those interactions. Example: an automated follow-up to a web search, blog post view, or Facebook comment. 

6. Customer reviews and user-generated content. For a BoxCrush client, Bar Keepers Friend, we set up a system for capturing user reviews, user-generated content, and editorial content. The content gathered was also reused and repurposed in promotions and packaging.

Sound like a lot of work? Well, it is. But diving deep into our data to create meaningful content for our users is the best way to start a conversation that builds lasting relationships. BoxCrush handles everything from social media, keyword research, review management, and marketing automation to complete web development and design. What can we do for you?

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