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Why You Need a Web Agency to Manage Your WordPress Site

by Jenny Henderson | Feb 3, 2021, 05:00 AM
Why you need an agency to manage your Wordpress site

Setting Up a Site is Just the Beginning

You don’t need to be a website developer to set up a basic WordPress site. With a variety of available templates and drag-and-drop functionality, the WordPress interface allows users to create a respectable online presence. But WordPress websites are almost as easy to “break” as they are to build. When you hire a website design company to manage your WordPress site, you can relax knowing they’ll keep it updated and running smoothly.

Why WordPress Breaks

How many plug-ins is “too many”?

There’s no specific number of WordPress plug-ins a site can have before it breaks. “Too many” is a relative term, but if you have plug-ins with overlapping functionality or features, you can probably get rid of a few without any negative impact on your site.

Think of WordPress as a machine with thousands of intricate moving parts. These parts – called plug-ins – can enhance the functionality of WordPress sites, but when a site has too many plug-ins, or plug-ins that don’t communicate well with each other, a WordPress site might react with an annoying glitch or a full-blown crash.

Over time, many people may work on a single site, adding whatever plug-ins make their jobs easier. Old plug-ins may be forgotten, lurking in the background with their outdated code. Then when you attempt to upgrade your site to the latest version of WordPress, these old plug-ins can cause all sorts of puzzling problems. Even a skilled WordPress developer may be unable to immediately identify what happened, but if they’ve been monitoring the site all along, they can more easily see what went wrong.

WordPress Surprises   

In the fall of 2020, BoxCrush began updating client websites to the latest version of WordPress – WordPress 5.5. This was an easy process for our experienced development team, but a few days later, a member of the marketing team noticed that many images on these updated sites were now stretched vertically and distorted. The development team immediately got to work on resolving this problem. 

Frustrated web developers from around the world had been flooding the WordPress Support forum, reporting the same issue with site images. It turned out that the latest version of WordPress added dimensions to image tags. So images that had previously been set to “100% width” and “auto height,” were now attempting to meet the new height that WordPress 5.5 specified, with some ridiculous results. 

Surprises like that do happen occasionally. When they do, solving the problem quickly is a priority. 

Let’s Talk About Your WordPress Site

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