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Is it Time for You to Upgrade Your Website Hosting?

by Jenny Henderson | Dec 4, 2020, 14:00 PM
Upgrade Your Website Hosting

99% – that sounds like a lot, right? It is, if that’s your remaining cellphone battery life or your term paper grade. But if your website uptime is 99%, you might need to part ways with your web hosting service.

According to a collaborative study by HostingFacts and Pingdom, the average website uptime is 99.59%. That amounts to around 35 hours of downtime per year. Any amount of downtime could frustrate your existing customers and disappoint new visitors – no one is going to wait around for a broken website to be back online.

So how do you avoid potentially costly website outages? First, you choose a hosting provider that has a proven record of reliable managed hosting and a team of top-notch developers. Then you give them permission to upgrade your software as needed. 

Cost vs. Benefit

Some hosting providers charge less than $10 a month for their services. For that price, you should be able to get some basic backup and malware protection for a simple WordPress site. If your site has numerous pages and files, or you expect that it will someday, you’ll need something more than entry-level hosting.

An ongoing managed hosting agreement for a WordPress website of about 20 pages starts at around $40 a month. That cost includes domain management, regular data backup, software patches, plug-in updates, intrusion detection, and 24/7 uptime monitoring. 

Businesses that need an enterprise-level site with eCommerce functionality, enhanced security, or multi-site capability should consider the benefits of Sitefinity over WordPress. Managed hosting for Sitefinity starts at roughly $1,700 per year, depending on the size of the website, in part because only certified .NET developers are qualified to manage Sitefinity sites. 

100% Uptime: Myth or Reality?

In 2020, BoxCrush built and launched five websites with ongoing managed hosting agreements. Those sites, remarkably, have had 100% uptime, thanks to our development team’s expertise, and our use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, the gold standard in secure servers. 

It doesn’t matter how beautifully designed your website is – if it crashes frequently, if it has poor page load speed, or if it’s built with outdated software vulnerable to hacking, you’re not getting the best return on your investment. 

Our Indianapolis web design team builds beautiful, functional, engaging websites and keeps them online with our 24/7 monitoring. If your site should ever fail, you can count on us to be working immediately to resolve the problem.  

We offer hosting to ensure that the websites we design and develop for our clients stay online without interruption. If you’re in the market for a website redesign or upgrade, know that when you host with BoxCrush, your investment will be online and functioning properly. Ready to learn more? Start a chat with us! Click on the chat pane on the lower right.

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