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How to Create Content (When You Don’t Have a Writer)

by Jenny Henderson | Feb 26, 2019, 14:00 PM

A website needs quality content – and not just when the website launches. Fresh and updated content attracts the Google robots that scour the internet for relevant information. But how do you refresh your content when you don’t have a writer in-house? We’ve got some suggestions for you.

Snap a Photo

“Content” doesn’t mean “words only.” Grab your smartphone and snap a pic of employees doing something interesting, your freshly painted lobby, your dog visiting the office – anything that might capture the attention of website visitors.

Save the photo file with a descriptive name, such as “labradoodle-in-the-office.jpg,” to help Google understand the image. Write a caption for your photo. It doesn’t have to be long. And have someone else read it, even if they claim to have no proofreading prowess.

Borrow an Image

Follow a tried-and-true method of content generation that major brands have turned into an art form: Repurposing user-generated content. All you need is an Instagram account and the ability to search for your brand or products. When you find a quality image that mentions your brand, post a comment asking for permission to share that image on your own Instagram account, and on your website. Be surprised if anyone says no – people are usually happy to share their content if they get credit for it.

Give It a Shot

Do you write emails as part of your job? Have conversations on the phone? Give presentations? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you probably have the communication skills necessary to write a blog. Here’s the basic formula for a blog:

  • Talk about what you know

  • Use conversational language

  • Write a headline (as you write your blog, refer to your headline to make sure you’re staying on-topic; you can always modify the headline later)

  • Keep it short (300 to 600 words, ideally)

  • Use a tool like Grammarly to check your spelling, grammar, and word choice as you work

Most importantly, if you publish a blog and someone comments on it, respond to the comment. Blogs open up opportunities for two-way communication with your website visitors.

Outsource It

Plenty of freelance writers have experience in writing website content. The quality of their work, however, varies considerably. You won’t get stellar content from someone who charges $15 per webpage – and it may not be original content, either. Use plagiarism-detection software to scan any freelance content.

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