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Get Stellar Email Marketing Automation with Drip Campaigns

by Michelle McNally | May 18, 2018, 13:00 PM

We know, we know. “Drip campaigns” sounds like part of a head cold. But, in reality, drip campaigns are the email automation tactic that catapults results.

Here’s the breakdown, in case you need convincing:

  • 91% of email users check their inboxes every day.
  • We don’t have a stat for this, but we’re guessing that most of them check it more than once.
  • Maybe 15 times a day? More? Or is that just us?
  • 66% of email users check their inbox on a mobile device more often than a computer—and mobile users are far more likely to click calls to action.
  • Even if your customer doesn’t open your email, he or she sees your subject line. And in our information culture, every brand awareness touch point counts.

What IS a drip campaign?

Simply put, a drip campaign is an email automation series designed to take your customer from a casual acquaintance to a bona fide fan. As part of a strategic engagement marketing program, a drip campaign builds brand awareness, nurtures customer relationships, and ultimately increases your sales.

How does email automation work?

Email automation takes predictable, replicable touch points and makes them automatic (mostly). Depending on who your customer is and how he or she responds, email automation leads the customer down a prescribed path—with different information and calls to action constantly refining the message to build rapport, encourage conversion, and transform your customer into a brand evangelist singing your praises to a network of people you’ve never had access to before.

How can email marketing automation help me?

As part of your overall strategy, email marketing automation gives you a chance to build one-to-one connection that you can easily segment and differentiate. Target messaging by any factor from demographic information to interests to action taken on your site, and boost your odds of getting a sale. Give your sales team a warmer lead, convince the customer to purchase your product, get an upsell, or increase your reach with a well-planned email marketing automation plan.

Want to know more?

Drop us a line to chat about how a drip campaign or other email automation strategy can work for you.

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