Creating Personas

Allow our marketing team to help you understand your audience and create targeted personal profiles for better intelligence about your website visitor. BoxCrush leverages machine learning to look at real-time behavior and identify audience segments for to the conversions you track.

You can manually create your own personas based on guesswork and your experiences with your offline customer base, but why?

Predictive Persona Profiling

Our system can profile every single visitor–anonymous or not–according to your buyer personas, and enable you to personalize the message based on the profiles they build, with every touch point. Persona Profiles provide a framework that helps you tailor your message, personalize content and understand your audience. 

The predictive analytics feature uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze past and current customer behavior data to automatically segment your audience, predict potential increase in conversion rates and make recommendations on what to do to increase the conversions for a given segment.

Persona Profiling

After running the predictive analytics algorithms, our team helps to identify the customer segments that will have the highest impact on your conversions and makes data-driven recommendations on what your best next action should be to increase conversions.

Targeted Content Authoring

Our team of content authors will then write the content for your website.  Key areas of the website will change and adapt to each visitor as their behavior categorizes them into (one or multiple) profiles.

As your visitors interact with your website, we will analyze their behavior... what they search for... what pages they visit... and use that knowledge to craft new content in the form of blog posts, white papers, and functional tools that will engage your audience.