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Buyer Personas for Marketing

Buyer personas – semi-fictional dossiers about who your customers are – can help you develop content that’s highly relevant for your target audience. But only if those personas are based on research.

Organizations may assume they know who their customers are. Assumptions, however, aren’t the foundation of effective marketing strategies. BoxCrush uses machine learning and predictive analytics to craft buyer personas, and through ongoing analysis of how users interact with your website, we can develop content that targets specific demographics.  

How We Use Analytics

With proprietary machine learning algorithms, we can analyze past and current customer behavior data to automatically segment your audience based on demographics or customer lifecycle. We then identify the customer segments that will have the highest impact on your conversions and make data-driven recommendations on what you can do to increase conversions.

How Segmentation Guides Content

Knowing who your customers are, where they spend time online, and how they make purchasing decisions helps the BoxCrush content development team create targeted messaging that drives people toward your defined goals. Our web design team can then create a responsive feature that displays different content for website visitors, depending on their previous interactions with your brand or your website.

Get Ongoing Customer Intelligence

Personas can help jump-start your marketing strategies and bring the right audience to your website, but that’s not the end-goal. When someone arrives on your site, you have to observe their actions – what pages are they viewing (or not viewing)? How did they get to your website, and what site did they visit after they left? When you choose an ongoing partnership with BoxCrush, we can answer those questions for you and execute strategies that help you connect with customers.