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From One Star to Five Stars: A Mini Case Study on Review Management 

A negative review isn’t necessarily bad for business – unless it’s ignored. If potential customers see unanswered negative reviews about a business or its products and services, they may think that the business owners don’t care about the customer experience.

A thoughtful public response can change an unhappy customer’s opinion and demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction. Recently, a BoxCrush client saw how powerful a thoughtful response can be.



A client asked for advice on how to improve its review management, and BoxCrush’s first suggestion was to set up an email address solely for the purpose of communicating with unhappy customers.

BoxCrush also advised the client to appoint one or two employees to monitor that inbox. 

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A few weeks later, the client noticed that a customer had written an angry and detailed one-star review on its Google My Business listing. The client responded publicly to the customer and asked her to contact their office via their newly created email address. As a result, the office manager read the message immediately and was able to address all of the customer’s concerns.

Much to the client’s surprise, the customer amended her written review and increased the rating from one star to five stars because the office manager had “made things right.” A personal touch can make a dramatic difference in customer satisfaction. 


Why Reviews Matter

Reading reviews has become a way of life for savvy consumers. Whether they’re looking for a restaurant or a dentist, reviews influence decision-making.

And it’s not just the star rating they’re looking at, they’re also making judgments based on the total number of reviews – consumers have less faith in an overall star rating if a company has fewer than 40 reviews

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A brand’s response to reviews matters too. A 2022 TrustMary study shows that 56% of customers actually changed their opinion of a business because of a response the business gave to a review. Fifty-three percent of customers expect brands to respond to negative reviews within seven days, while one-third expect a response in three days. According to Review Trackers, Industry leaders (the top 10% of brands) answer significantly faster than businesses on average.

BoxCrush has helped clients generate reviews by developing messaging and campaign strategies and by providing pre-written responses clients can use to show customers they care about their experiences. The BoxCrush development team can also build sliders that pull client reviews from other platforms and display them on client websites.

Reviews are essentially free online advertising, so companies should be capitalizing on them. BoxCrush can show you how to do that. 

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