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Tips for Organizing Your Marketing Materials

by Celeste Caraker | Feb 22, 2024, 05:00 AM
A team organizes marketing assets

If you’re a marketing professional, then you know that files are flying everywhere, all the time. But you need those photos, graphics, videos, and other assets to create and drive your marketing goals. Having a well-structured organizational system for your assets means time and resource efficiency, consistent branding, and improved collaboration among your team members, stakeholders, or the agency working with you to execute your marketing strategies. 

Try our quick tips for organizing your marketing media thoughtfully and systematically!

#1: Choose a Cloud-based Content Management System

A centralized bank for all of your media assets makes materials accessible, easy-to-use, and shareable. Most systems have security features that allow you to set permissions according to who needs access. Good options include:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Icedrive
  • MEGA

#2: Create a Consistent Folder Structure

Your folder structure and naming convention should be consistent, and intuitive, and feature a logical hierarchy. Here’s an example:

  • Marketing 2024
  • Quarter/Month (folder)
  • Campaign Name (folder)
  • Media Type (folder)
  • File Title (individual file)

#3: Review and Update Assets Regularly

Set a reminder to audit your assets once a quarter or at least once a year. Pro tip: choose a season where you typically have more downtime. Just like when you’re decluttering your closet, examine each folder and its assets to decide whether you can refresh or update an item and use it again, or whether it should be discarded. 

#4: Remind Your Team to Use the System

You and your colleagues are the best resource for personal, impactful content for your marketing efforts. Teach your team to:

  • Take and share videos to a designated folder
  • Take and share photos to a designated folder
  • Share anecdotal quotes or customer testimonials

Go through what’s shared, move it into your more robust marketing folder system, and you’ll have an endless supply of top-notch media to share. 

Download our infographic:  Tips for Taking and Organizing Marketing Media

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