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What Are the Top ‘Indianapolis’ Search Terms?

by Dan Finney | Nov 17, 2020, 14:00 PM
Top ‘Indianapolis’ Search Terms

It’s no secret that local businesses want to rank well for popular search terms in their geographic area. Some web design company add “Indianapolis,” and “near me” to their product and service descriptions, in an effort to outrank competitors. That’s a simple SEO strategy. Keyword research should also be part of SEO strategy – for example, if you know there are 19,000 monthly searches for “Indianapolis airport,” you might write some website content that offers driving directions from the airport to your business. 

This blog post explores how Indianapolis businesses are doing in their respective areas of search. We’ll look at the top search terms containing the word “Indianapolis,” and which businesses are getting the most traffic from those terms. 

Top 12 Indianapolis Search Terms and Estimated Number of Monthly Searches:

  1. craigslist indianapolis  (204K)

  2. indianapolis weather  (194K)

  3. Indianapolis  (194K)

  4. indianapolis colts  (159K)

  5. uss indianapolis  (64K)

  6. indianapolis news  (41K)

  7. indianapolis zoo  (32K)

  8. indianapolis zip code  (24K)

  9. indianapolis children's museum  (24K)

  10. indianapolis motor speedway  (23K)

  11. indianapolis airport  (19K)

  12. indianapolis indiana (17K)

Top 10 Websites for the 12 Top Indianapolis Terms

Craigslist Indianapolis

This search term is irrelevant for most local businesses and probably won’t boost traffic for any Indianapolis business (unless you can somehow make “Craigslist Indianapolis” work in a blog post).

Indianapolis Weather

The sites with the highest ranking for the keyword “Indianapolis Weather” are,,,, and Weather Underground ( 

So now we have the first entries in our list of Top 10 Indianapolis Websites:

  1. WTHR 13

  2. Fox 59


The top businesses or websites for the term “Indianapolis” without any accompanying phrases are Visit Indy, Wikipedia, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, (the official website for the city of Indianapolis and Marion County), and These two businesses were at the top:

  1. Visit Indy

  2. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Colts

The top sites for the term “Indianapolis Colts” are the official Colts website, the official Colts Twitter account, the player roster, the ESPN page on the Colts, and the NFL page on the Colts. The only local site takes the next spot on our list:


USS Indianapolis 

The USS Indianapolis was a U.S. Navy vessel that went on several missions in its 14 years of service, before a Japanese Navy submarine torpedoed the ship and sank it in 1945. None of the top sites for this search are local: Wikipedia,, The National WW2 Museum,, and a Business Insider article with photos of the USS Indianapolis. (It’s possible that searchers are looking for the USS Indianapolis Memorial, which is in downtown Indianapolis).

Indianapolis News

The top media outlets for “Indianapolis News” are WTHR, Fox 59, IndyStar (2 results), and WISH-TV 8.  These two are at the top: 

  1. IndyStar

  2. WISH-TV 8

Indianapolis Zoo

The top five results for the Indianapolis Zoo are the official Indianapolis Zoo website, their Twitter account, their Facebook account, the TripAdvisor page for the Indianapolis Zoo, and Wikipedia. So we add to the list: 

  1. Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis ZIP Code

This search has no local results. The results are all for ZIP code mapping tools, such as,,,, and HomeTownLocator.

Indianapolis Children's Museum

Some search terms – like this one – are not the official name of the business. Searches for “Indianapolis Children’s Museum” come from all over the world, and we can’t expect everyone to search by the proper name. 

(As an aside, this museum holds special meaning for me – when I first launched BoxCrush and had two small children, I would take them to the museum to wear them out, then blissfully work on BoxCrush tasks while they napped).

The top five results for “Indianapolis Children’s Museum” are The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis website, their TripAdvisor page, their Facebook page, Wikipedia, and Visit Indy. Welcome to the next spot, non-official name: 

  1. Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Indianapolis Airport

This is another off-brand term – the official name is “Indianapolis International Airport.” The top results are the official Indianapolis airport website (two results), Wikipedia, a guide to the Indianapolis Airport that has a really nice domain name, and the Indianapolis International Airport official Twitter account. Rounding out our list is:

  1. Indianapolis International Airport

Indianapolis Indiana

The search results for “Indianapolis Indiana” are similar to the search results for the freestanding “Indianapolis.” But we already have our Top 10 List, and here it is:

  1. WTHR 13, the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis

  2. Fox 59, central Indiana's Fox affiliate

  3. Visit Indy: Official Tourism Site of Indianapolis

  4. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  5. Indianapolis Colts

  6. IndyStar: Indianapolis Star

  7. WISH-TV 8, the Indianapolis CBS affiliate

  8. Indianapolis Zoo

  9. The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

  10. Indianapolis International Airport

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