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In our portfolio, you can read a short synopsis of most of the websites we have built and/or designed. But we decided to take a few of them and develop in-depth case studies, to more thoroughly explain what each client needed, what the challenges were, and how BoxCrush® met and exceeded those challenges to deliver positive results.

Client needs are different—deciding how large a site should be and what technology and interactive features will enhance a message is complex, and can’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. BoxCrush identifies every facet of your internet strategy—including websites, mobile ads and pay-per-click services, SEO, and more—and then we fill those needs with unique, tailored solutions. We don’t try to put our clients into a one-size-fits-all box. The following case studies prove that.


Custom Sitefinity Development | Custom Software Integration

sitefinity-parts-builder-pc-view sitefinity-parts-builder-mobile-view sitefinity-parts-builder-tablet-view


AirBorn, a supplier of custom electrical components, contacted BoxCrush for help with its custom parts builder and supplier portal. BoxCrush was able to troubleshoot these features, repair them, and reconfigure them to be more efficient.

Quick Facts

  • Responsive design
  • Custom logic 
  • Sales process improvements
Tags :
  • Custom Development
  • sitefinity
  • Web Development


AirBorn had previously partnered with an agency that created its custom parts builder and supplier portal, but these features were buggy and did not function as AirBorn’s leadership had hoped.


The parts builder was supposed to let customers configure a part, then see a 3-D CAD rendering of that part. With more than 1 million parts, and upwards of 1 billion potential product combinations, AirBorn hadn’t been able to produce those renderings quickly – customers sometimes had to wait 48 hours to see the part.


BoxCrush set up a web service and communication manager, integrated with AirBorn’s CAD software, to reduce CAD drawing turnaround time to 30 minutes or less. Read more about BoxCrush’s ingenious solution in the AirBorn Case Study.

Take a look at what we were able to do for Airborn.