Mobile Ads Placement

According to Google, more internet searches are done on mobile phones than on desktop computers. Cell phone use continues to climb worldwide, and in the US today that growth occurs primarily in the smartphone market. With more than 82 million smartphone users in the US, mobile ad placement is an increasingly important part of an effective search marketing strategy.

Both Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo Ads can be leveraged to manage mobile ads on smartphones. As part of your search marketing efforts, BoxCrush creates targeted mobile ads optimized for smartphone searches to reach this growing group of users effectively.

We find that consumer search queries differ depending on what device they are using. The same person might use different words or phrases when looking for information on a phone versus a desktop computer. BoxCrush analyzes keywords popularly used in smartphone searches, and applies that information to build more targeted mobile ads for our clients.

Targeted mobile ads form an integral part of a comprehensive search marketing strategy. Work with BoxCrush to get your message out to mobile users, and capture this growing demographic.

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