Video Production

They say “a picture is a thousand words and … a video is a thousand pictures.”  OK, so we made the last part up.  But it is true that video clips can significantly enhance the performance of your website.  It’s a great way to introduce your company, launch a product line, create virtual tours, and promote every aspect of your business.

BoxCrush has video experts on staff, who can handle every step of the process, from conception and script development through post-production. In pre-production, BoxCrush develops creative and attention-grabbing scripts, develops storyboards, hires talent if needed, and contracts voiceovers.

Once we shoot the video, we go into post-production, where we edit and finalize the video, animate title sequences, insert motion graphics using After Effects, and add sound effects and music to your video, where needed.

And be sure to think outside that box. Videos aren’t only for websites. We’ve also made commercials and product video DVDs for marketing campaigns to potential customers. Take a minute to check out some samples of our video work. Videos are a highly effective and relatively low-cost way to get your message to potential customers. Picture that.