Flash Animation

Flash is a good thing, right? It can be. The truth is, when approached by clients that want a Flash site that will open with a skip button and move and play music, our job is sometimes to talk them down off the ledge. Flash is a great thing when it has a purpose. It can be an effective tool to improve the understanding of a chart, show multiple images in a small space with a slideshow, or highlight a new product feature. And yes, even to show that a company is dynamic by animating the logo. That doesn’t mean that you need to embed all of your text within Flash and hurt your search rank, or irritate your blues-loving customer with a heavy-metal intro. Let’s face it, when you are offered a skip button, don’t you click it? We do, because more often than not, we are trying to get to the heart of some really great info. Flash is a great garnish and can make a good website even better, but it should very rarely be the main course. At BoxCrush®, we find out what you are trying to accomplish, what story you want to tell the reader, and what kind of impact you are trying to make. If that story is best told in Flash, we are here to help you do it effectively.