Catalog Design

Catalogs are a unique kind of print project. Not only do they call for creativity in design, they require great attention to detail at every turn. BoxCrush® has a depth of expertise in this area. We develop, design, photograph, write, proof and oversee the printing of catalogs for companies and organizations throughout the United States. Catalogs reach out to your audience directly. Let us help you build a visual style with a catalog design that targets your core audience. You need a catalog design company that can create visual impact, a memorable brand and trust.

Our catalog designs work as printed sales tools or as online eCommerce websites. Print designers who have no web design experience often fail to understand how to create a brand that will translate to the Web. By communicating with a design agency that understands E-Commerce website design as well as print catalog design, you ensure your brand stays strong in both venues.

  • Generation K Catalog Design

    The goal of this 44-page catalog was to target a youth demographic. Each section is organized by age range and separated by design color choice throughout the catalog.
  • Spill 911 Catalog Design

    Spill 911 has thousands of diverse products for industrial spill response. The target audience responds very favorably to print catalogs and direct mail.
  • Kiwanis Catalog Design 2005-2006

    Each year, as the Kiwanis brand evolves, the catalog is redesigned. 
  • Kiwanis Catalog Design 2010

    Each year we provide the cover design, page layout, custom product photography, and direction on model photography for this project.