Brochure Design

In recent years, brochure design has taken a backseat to website design, in terms of increased marketing potential for your business. But, brochures are still needed and can be very effective in the right circumstances. You may need a brochure to introduce your company at a trade show, to send to potential customers, to reinforce a sales call, or to provide a concrete reminder of your services. Targeted brochures can help capture new vertical markets.

How do you differentiate your brochure design from a hundred others? First of all: lose the tri-fold. A brochure doesn’t have to remind you of the bank. There are many shapes and sizes that you can use to keep your prospective clients from opening their mail over the trashcan. How about a horizontal gate-fold brochure? Have you considered a booklet style brochure with a pocket in the back for custom proposals? Perhaps it is time to give us a call.

Whether your brochure is a small introductory piece or a 32-page, four-color production, it has the potential of reinforcing your marketing message. At BoxCrush®, we make sure your brochures complement your website, catalog design, and every other marketing solution you employ.

  • Lite Brochure Design

    The Lite brochure was designed to be a standalone oversized trifold marketing piece, as well as an insert into a pocketed presentation folder.
  • She Lettered Brochure Design

    She Lettered was interested in direct mail marketing materials to advertise the launch of their eCommerce website design to a small targeted list.
  • One Project Brochure Design

    This clean and contemporary brochure design illustrates a single photography project for our client, Abstract Photography.
  • LEMA Brochure Design

    These attractive brochures were designed to match the rest of the LEMA brand.
  • Iowa Produces Brochure Design

    This custom pocket folder is designed to do one thing: Let the audience know that Iowa is big on corn! This folder is part of a media kit that covers regional information designed to attract businesses to the area. 
  • Anthenaeum Brochure Design

    The Athenaeum, a nationally recognized Indianapolis historic landmark, contacted us to promote one of their special events. The goal was to create an informative direct mail piece to serve as an invitation to the event.
  • Harris & Ford Collateral Design

    The visual presentation of your brand should be consistent in every communication you send.
  • Glendale Mall Letterhead/Business Card

    This simple, retro look works with Glendale’s classic late-1950s’ style of architecture.
  • Polaris Branding Campaign

    The Polaris brand development includes custom logo design, a 4-page oversized brochure with a pocket, two-sided four-color business cards, and a custom gate-fold mailer that matches the Polaris website design and tradeshow displays. 
  • Mi-Tech Brochure Design

    Continuing the Mi-Tech brand from web to print included creating a brochure that matched the website perfectly, bringing the curves, reflections and bold color use into the printed piece.