Agile Consulting

BoxCrush offers consulting and coaching in Agile software development. When it comes to Agile development, collaboration is the key ingredient. Unlike the traditional waterfall method, which originated in manufacturing and consists of a series of phases where work is handed off from one phase to the next, requirements and solutions evolve as cross-functional teams work together. With Agile development, this evolutionary approach promotes flexible responses and multiple iterative changes.

Agile development is a methodology that accelerates concurrent and independent work that is quite different from the heavyweight waterfall method, which is much more regulated and micromanaged. In the Agile method, self-organization and motivation proceeds on the premise that requirements cannot be fully collected at the outset of a project and must evolve over time. Continuous customer involvement is critical to the Agile method, which is focused on flexibility, quick responses to change and ongoing development.

The Agile method offers practical, measurable benefits for you and your customers, including:

  • Usable software at an earlier phase of development
  • Flexibility that embraces change
  • Continuous input by designers, developers and customers alike
  • Technical excellence and perfected design elements
  • Ongoing testing and quality assurance throughout the development process

With Agile development, each iteration takes place in a short timeframe and includes a cross-functional team that includes such elements as planning, requirement analysis, design, programming code, and testing. At the end of each timeframe, the iteration is shown to the stakeholders and customer input is gathered for the next iteration.

This adaptive method of software development is not only gaining in popularity at a rapid rate, it engages customers throughout the entire process and produces a workable software product much earlier in the development cycle.

For more information about the Agile method, call BoxCrush and ask about our Agile consulting services.