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BoxCrush President Doesn’t Want to Go Solo to ‘Solo’

by Jenny Henderson | May 4, 2018, 09:00 AM
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 “Never tell me the odds!” – that’s a quote from Star Wars character Han Solo, but it totally sounds like something BoxCrush president Dan Finney would say. Dan is a rabid Star Wars fan, and you know this if you’ve seen the four-foot Darth Vader in our office.

“Solo: A Star Wars Story,” is coming to theaters May 25, and Dan can’t stop talking about it (maybe he can, but he hasn’t yet). He’s so excited about it, he’s snatching up all the tickets at a northside Indianpolis theater, so he can treat BoxCrush clients, friends, and employees to a special advance screening on May 24.

BoxCrush clients, keep an eye out for your invitation to this exciting premiere, and come experience Dan’s palpable enthusiasm for sci-fi.