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How Healthcare Marketing is Evolving

by Travis Pryor | May 4, 2021
Billboards and TV ads once were the primary media healthcare providers used to market their services. But billboards aren’t targeted – of the hundreds or thousands of people who pass a billboard in a day, how many are actually in need of specific medical services? (And with more people working from home these days, billboards don’t have the same reach they used to).
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Choosing the right CMS

Weebly, Wix, and WordPress: A Review of the 3 ‘W’ Platforms

by Jenny Henderson | Feb 18, 2021
Three of the most widely used content management systems are Weebly, Wix, and WordPress – platforms known for their ease of use. Each of them, of course, has pros and cons. Whether you’re preparing to launch your first website or wondering whether it’s time to switch to a new CMS3, we’ve got some insights on how to choose your platform.
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Why you need an agency to manage your Wordpress site

Why You Need an Agency to Manage Your WordPress Site

by Jenny Henderson | Feb 3, 2021
You don’t need to be a developer to set up a basic WordPress site. With a variety of available templates and drag-and-drop functionality, the WordPress interface allows users to create a respectable online presence. But WordPress sites are almost as easy to “break” as they are to build. When you hire a website design and development agency to manage your WordPress site, you can relax knowing they’ll keep it updated and running smoothly.
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Minecraft on a smartphone

A Minecraft Misunderstanding Prompts Reflection

by Michelle McNally | Feb 2, 2021
A lot of Minecraft has been happening in the McNally household during this season of social distancing. If you’re not familiar with it, Minecraft is a video game in which players use a variety of blocks to build (and break) their own structures and worlds.
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SEO trends in Google Search Console

Google Search Console Holds Valuable Information

by Dan Finney | Feb 2, 2021
Many web design agencies add keywords to a site they’re building, but after the site launches, their clients are left to manage their own search engine optimization. SEO is an ongoing process – or at least it should be – but without help, businesses may not know how to monitor and improve their keyword rankings.
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