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Jillian Goodwin

UI/UX Designer

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“No two days at BoxCrush are identical. I enjoy the opportunity to design for the diverse subject matter that our various clients present. And in the sea of websites that appear to be interchangeable, I love the challenge of bringing out each company’s personal brand and creating experiences that are not only useful but memorable for their users, as well.”
Jillian Goodwin | UI/UX Designer

As the UI/UX designer for BoxCrush, Jillian Goodwin designs websites that capture the uniqueness of each client’s brand and offer the best experience for site visitors. She excels at identifying ways to improve upon existing navigation and introducing new elements that keep website visitors engaged. Jillian also supplements the marketing efforts at BoxCrush, designing for social media and Google Ads.

Jillian received both her bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design and her master’s degree in Interaction Design from Purdue University. While at Purdue, Jillian began volunteering at Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center as a mentor during therapeutic horseback riding lessons for people with disabilities. She is also part of the Equine Care Team at Therapeion and enjoys exercising the horses during the off-season.

Jillian and her husband Ryan are new homeowners and have discovered the joy of finding new things to fix every week, in addition to the bigger renovation projects they have planned. At least their goofball dog, Joplin, helps relieve their stress by keeping them entertained with her crazy antics.