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Jenny Henderson

Director of Content Development

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“Unoriginal ideas and sloppy copy are abundant on the internet. My mission is to produce original and creative content for clients that makes their competitors say, ‘Why didn’t we think of that?’” I love digging into demographics to learn about target audiences and the topics that appeal to them. I come up with fresh content ideas, tailoring the tone of each piece to support our clients’ brand image and align with their audience’s expectations.”
Jenny Henderson | Director of Content Development

Jenny Henderson is naturally inquisitive, which is why she chose to pursue a career in journalism. But six years ago, as print publications seemed to be slinking off into oblivion, Jenny decided to make a career change, and she entered the field of digital marketing.

Name any topic you can think of, and Jenny has probably written about it: Specialized industrial doodads, the Indiana Legislature, the largest official Star Wars convention (which she wrote about in 2005 for The Associated Press). She believes in the power of storytelling, whether she’s knocking out a short description of a garden hose or writing a lengthy feature about a high-profile attorney who collects and restores obscure vintage cars.

Jenny is not a fan of the echo-chamber blogosphere, in which writers seem to parrot each other ad nauseam because no one has any original ideas. She believes in finding new angles – new stories to tell – to help clients stand out in a sea of redundant and uninteresting copy. So her priorities align well with BoxCrush’s vision.

In her spare time, Jenny enjoys archery, bicycling, roller-skating, and hiking, and she’s an audiophile who is equally happy listening to old-school hip-hop or Franz Joseph Haydn. She shares her home with one husband, one cat, one dog, and one animal who seems to be a dog but makes a lot of weird, non-dog sounds.