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Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

Sitefinity is more than just a content management system (CMS). It also includes a suite of tools that automate processes and help you better understand your sales and marketing process. One of those tools is Digital Experience Cloud – an extension of Sitefinity available for an additional subscription cost.

With Digital Experience Cloud, you can measure:

  • Touchpoints (Who’s visiting your website)
  • Interactions (How people are viewing/interacting with your content)
  • Conversions (Your conversion rate for different approaches, including sales calls and content downloads)

With this information, companies begin to see where they need to focus their budget. For example, if lead generation tactics are working well, but conversions are weak, that may highlight the need for retooling marketing strategies to find only the most qualified leads. BoxCrush can do that for you.

Personalizing the User Journey

The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud uses predictive analytics to help you discover missed opportunities and will even suggest improvements to help guide potential customers to logical goals. The system will assist in discovering new audiences to target based on their behavior on your website.

Once you understand the nuances of what your audience wants, BoxCrush can help you develop personalized content and targeted messaging to help guide them to action. Making the most of the Sitefinity content personalization tools will enable you to increase conversion rates and reduce bounce rates.

Linking Marketing and Sales Teams

Ideally, every business has both a marketing team and a sales team, and they work together effectively. But in reality, salespeople and marketers often miss opportunities because they’re working independently of each other, or they haven’t identified specific goals. Some companies don’t even have a marketing team – the sales department is responsible for every aspect of lead generation and nurturing.

Digital Experience Cloud allows all users to see where leads are coming from, what actions they take, and whether they’re becoming conversions. The software can be configured to qualify leads, based on factors you define. For example, a marketing qualified lead (MQL) might be someone who has visited your website, but didn’t spend much time looking at content. A sales qualified lead (SQL) is more likely someone who:

  • Has shown interest in your content (by downloading it, sharing it, or looking at it more than a few times)
  • Has a need for your product or service
  • Is in a position to pay for your product or service
  • Has a clear idea of when they want to make a purchase

Digital Experience Cloud automates manual tasks (like sending thank-you emails), freeing-up more time for sales and marketing teams to build relationships with consumers. BoxCrush can configure your Digital Experience Cloud to send different messages to individual prospects, leads, and customers, based on their actions.

The insights gathered from Digital Experience Cloud should guide your content development strategy. Improving content or offering different types of content can have a significant impact on every stage for the customer journey. BoxCrush can create your content, in addition to managing your marketing automation.

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Solution

If you don’t have a marketing team or haven’t implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, BoxCrush can help. We’re a full-service web design and digital marketing agency with proven expertise in creating and managing every aspect of internet marketing campaigns.