Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS)

For Enterprise Level Companies

A content management system (CMS) allows you to log into your company website and add and update text, pictures, and links—even dynamically create buttons in the navigation. When products need to be updated or when text needs to be added, you want to be able to access your site quickly and easily and make that change. A CMS allows you to do just that.

Sitefinity for Enterprise

Some Web design companies pitch custom systems as your only option for enterprise-level content management. While a custom content management system can be tailored to your specific business model, the cost is often higher. A modular content management system allows you to add features that would normally exceed your budget on a custom development.

Our experience with a wide variety of content management systems convinced us that the most effective, scalable, customizable option for website development is Sitefinity—a full-featured enterprise CMS with unparalleled functionality and performance. Sitefinity supports custom developmentcustom templatese-commerce, managed mobile apps, and more. As an Indiana Telerik Sitefinity Certified Platinum Partner, BoxCrush can fully customize Sitefinity to meet your needs now and grow with you for years to come.

Sitefinity allows the addition of standard or customized plug-ins or modules for increased functionality. If your site needs a few unique features, we can customize Sitefinity to meet those specific needs. Modules may include but are not limited to:

  • In-site search
  • E-commerce
  • Event Management, News and Blogs
  • Custom Image rotators
  • Content Personalization
  • Responsive Design Control
  • Photo Galleries and File Management

Sitefinity Customization

As an Indianapolis Telerik Sitefinity partner, BoxCrush can customize Sitefinity to meet any business need—no matter how unique—and create an enterprise content management system that complements your company image and helps to meet your goals.

  • Builders Club Website Design

    This fun, energetic website design caters to middle-school aged children. The design presents a lot of information while maintaining a sense of whimsy and a bold use of color.
  • Kiwanis.Org Website Design

    This professional web design had to incorporate elements from an existing standards manual, such as logo size and placement, brand color palette and the white horizontal bar.
  • Polaris Website Design

    How do you illustrate polarity (the client’s name) and invoke the concept of rare earth materials in a professional web design? Our answer shows the earth emitting energy and dresses the entire brand in earth tones. 
  • Mi-Tech Metals Web Design

    The web design for Mi-Tech Metals utilizes curves, reflections and drop shadows as major design elements. The Flash slideshow in the header gives potential customers a glimpse of the many complex aspects of taking their product from raw powder form into the furnace and on to a machined and finished product. 
  • RedPack

    Redpack produces more than 100 different styles and flavors of tomato products in 20 different sizes and containers. Redpack is one of Red Gold’s premium quality brands.

Open Opportunities

  • Senior Sitefinity .NET Developer

  • Junior .NET Developer