Sitefinity Custom Parts Builder

Airborn, Inc, supplier of custom electrical components, contacted BoxCrush to pick up where their previous agency had left off. The two areas of their website that needed immediate, and ongoing attention are the Airborn Parts Builder and the Airborn Supplier Portal. For the Part Builder, BoxCrush debugged the original implementation, and continued to optimize the Airborn site.

Sitefinity custom parts builder

We redesigned the UX of the website paying special attention to the Parts Builder for a better overall experience. BoxCrush implemented Sitefinity responsive design, meaning that the website will function well on any mobile device . BoxCrush integrated the website with Airborn ERP parts data. The Airborn Parts Builder now has the ability to build parts from more than 1 million potential product combination and generate a meaningful SKU.

The part number can be used for a quote request, sample request, mechanical model drawing request, or to place an order. Where applicable, military part number format is available, and safeguards (“exceptions”) are in place to prevent users from building parts which can not be built.

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