You look at a pair of shoes on Amazon, decide not to buy, and leave the site. Later, you’re watching a video on YouTube and you see an ad for the shoes. You resist the urge to buy. At work, you score a big win for the team, go to Facebook to humble-brag, and you see those shoes again. You decide that, yes, you do need – you deserve – those shoes. Remarketing has won you over.

Remarketing is effective for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business enterprises. A service-oriented company can track which services a website visitor reads about, and remarket only those services to that person. Think of remarketing as the digital equivalent of a follow-up call.

BoxCrush can set up and manage your remarketing strategy to help you increase conversions.

Types of Remarketing

When someone visits your website, you can look at how they interact with your content. If a visitor reads about and compares products/services, but takes no further action, your remarketing strategy can help you stay top-of-mind with that visitor. With remarketing you can:

  • Trigger customized ads – These ads may be at the top of the search engine results page, on another website your prospect visits, or on a social media platform.
  • Place ads in videos – BoxCrush can place your video ads on YouTube (within a video, between videos, or in the “suggested videos” section).
  • Tailor content based on behavior – When developing an ad or an email as part of your remarketing strategy, BoxCrush can create content specific to the target audience (for example, an ad can be configured to display different information to specific visitors, based on whether they’re an existing customer or a prospect). Ads can show visitors products/services they have previously viewed, or include messaging that encourages them to perform a specific action.

BoxCrush can implement a remarketing strategy that helps you stay connected to prospects and customers. We can also measure the results of our efforts to see what methods are most effective for engaging your target audience.