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Amazon Store Management

Amazon Store Management

Millions of people are selling products on Amazon, and those products may or may not be their own. If you want to sell your products on Amazon, you may be competing with third-party vendors from around the world.

BoxCrush® can help you rise to the top of Amazon product-search listings. We conduct research on how competitors are describing their products (or your products) and use strategic SEO keyword research to create a list of keywords and phrases to use in each of your product descriptions. We can see which keywords Amazon assigns the most value, as well as the terms people are using to find products like yours.

Setting Up Your Store

Amazon has a number of policies designed to protect customers from dangerous products and fraudulent business practices. Many of those policies explain the federal laws that apply to certain types of products. Depending on what you plan to sell, Amazon may require you to submit products for approval.

BoxCrush can set up your store and provide guidance on Amazon policies. We can also alert you to any policy changes that may affect your company or your product listings.

Brand Registration

If you have a registered trademark, BoxCrush can register your brand with Amazon. Amazon’s Brand Registry service automatically detects when sellers attempt to impersonate a brand, and if companies discover a brand violation, the registry allows them to quickly report it to Amazon. Registered brands also have access to Amazon marketing and social media tools that are unavailable for unregistered brands.

Product Descriptions

Amazon allows a certain number of characters for product descriptions, yet few vendors make good use of that space. BoxCrush writes product descriptions that fit Amazon’s template because products with longer descriptions tend to rank better in search results, and strong search engine optimization (SEO) will always benefit your brand.

Product Demonstrations

Video is a great way to show consumers how to use your product or the value of your product. Working with our video production partner, we can arrange videos to accompany your product descriptions.

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Ongoing Support

The competitiveness of Amazon requires ongoing revision of product descriptions. BoxCrush will update your product descriptions periodically, to ensure they are always aligned with the keywords people are searching.