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BoxCrush is an experienced Sitefinity agency with a diverse portfolio that demonstrates our ability to customize a solution to meet the unique needs of our clients. 

As a certified Sitefinity partner, our team of experienced developers can guide you through any challenge, whether it’s training on your new web content management platform or building you a specialized widget or application.

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Surface Solutions

Wordpress Development & Design | SEO | Google Ads | Social Media

Surface Solutions


Surface Solutions needed a modern, search-optimized website with a mobile-responsive design. They also needed a regular flow of new content to assist in search rankings and a well-optimized Google Ads campaign to drive lead generation. 

Quick Facts

  • Updated design
  • Updated WordPress CMS
  • Updated and optimized content
  • Mobile friendly
Tags :
  • Content
  • Content Writing
  • Design
  • Development
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • UX Design
  • WordPress


Surface Solutions is an independent contractor specializing in installing seamless, durable flooring systems for commercial and industrial applications, including meat and dairy processing and healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities. Their existing web design and content needed a refresh, and they also wanted to see improvement in traffic, lead generation, and the performance of their Google Ads campaign.


On the front end, they needed a modern redesign and an updated gallery and blog to showcase their project photos and case studies. 

On the back end, they needed content optimized for search engines, functionality that would filter out spam from their contact form submissions, and redirects for more than 900 pages of blog content that included high-ranking project case studies.


BoxCrush migrated their website over to the newest version of the Wordpress CMS and search-optimized all of their main pages with refreshed content, page titles, and meta descriptions. BoxCrush performed redirects on more than 900 web pages, mapping each of the old URLs to the corresponding URL on the new website. This preserved their existing Google search rankings, user bookmarks, and backlinks, enabling Surface Solutions to maintain its positive ranking when the new site launched. 

BoxCrush also implemented a new tool for processing form submissions which blocked bot submissions and enabled a more user-friendly interface for potential customers to request information. 

Last, BoxCrush took over the Google Ads campaigns for Surface Solutions, optimizing their campaigns for lead generation, which has increased the number of form submissions through the website. 

Take a look at what we were able to do for Surface Solutions.

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