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Boost Page Speed, Site Security, and SEO With a Sitefinity 14.3 Update

How long has it been since you updated your Sitefinity website CMS? If you had to pause and think about it, odds are you haven’t installed Sitefinity 14.3, just released in October!

You might think your site is performing just fine - no critical errors, no crashes - but did you know that keeping your site up-to-date with the latest version of Sitefinity not only ensures optimal performance, accessibility, SEO, and security, but also entitles you to improved tools for optimizing conversions and customizing design and functionality.



Improved Site Performance

BoxCrush was using Sitefinity 13.2 and our development team could see that site speed and other areas of performance had begun to lag. (Pro tip: You can use a free tool such as PageSpeed Insights to determine where your site needs critical improvements.)

Improved Site Performance

When we installed the October update, our developers noted improvement in the following areas: 

  • Performance. This comprises various aspects of page load speed, including the time it takes for the contents of a page to become visible and interactive. 

  • Best Practices. This category includes elements of safety and security.

  • Accessibility. This involves the presence and functionality of a series of accessibility attributes, such as ARIA and Alt tags, heading hierarchies, captions, transcripts, and form labels. 

  • SEO. SEO comprises aspects such as page titles, meta descriptions, descriptive link text, and other factors that impact the site’s ability to be crawled and indexed by search engines. 




Improved Optimization and Customization

Two other elements you’ll enjoy with the latest Sitefinity update are the AI-based recommendations for conversion optimization and the ability to create pre-configured Section Widgets, which are small page chunks that can be reused across multiple pages.

Improved Optimization and Customization

Conversion optimization

Sitefinity uses machine learning to analyze the behavior patterns of your visitors to make recommendations for the next best step in the buyer’s journey. Whether your conversion goal is a purchase, an appointment scheduled, or a quote request, you’ll be able to see the best path to drive your visitors to that goal. 

Section Presets

Section presets are also new to Sitefinity, and can be used to create a reusable collection of page widgets that can be implemented across multiple pages, eliminating the need to recreate the same collection of widgets on every single page. 

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  • Creating custom widgets for things like appointment scheduling and quote requests

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