Monsanto Genuity Website


Monsanto Company is a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality. Monsanto remains focused on enabling both small-holder and large-scale farmers to produce more from their land while conserving more of the world's natural resources such as water and energy. The company’s seeds, biotechnology trait products and herbicides provide farmers with solutions that improve productivity, reduce the costs of farming, and produce better foods for consumers and better feed for animals.

The Genuity® Brand is the new family of trait innovations for corn, soybean, cotton and specialty crops from Monsanto. The Genuity brand is known for its breakthrough trait technology, helping farmers do what they do, even better. Genuity’s goal is to help farmers achieve maximum yield and reduce the number of natural resources required to plant, grow and harvest crops. Momentum Worldwide is a global marketing agency with a network of creative thinkers, brand stewards and marketing leaders, with more than 70 offices in over 50 countries. Headquartered in New York City, Momentum Worldwide is part of The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. Momentum’s work spans the marketing spectrum, including live events and sponsorships, digital, entertainment, content development, shopper marketing, retail, promotions, PR and several other non-traditional marketing specialties.

Momentum had previously built a website for Genuity, a product brand of Monsanto. The website, also built in Sitefinity, contained a good deal of Flash, which the client now wished to eliminate for search engine optimization purposes. Genuity came to Momentum Worldwide for a complete website redevelopment.


The timeline on the new Genuity site was tight and a lot of development customization was needed, so Momentum collaborated with BoxCrush, a Sitefinity Platinum Partner, to fulfill the client’s needs. Momentum Worldwide provided the look and feel for the new site through Photoshop files. They also gave direction concerning the customization of various sections of the website. BoxCrush implemented the design work and customization requests. The deadline coincided with harvest cycles, so they had just 40 days for the web production. They did it in 38.

The new site needed two major kinds of changes. First, it needed a complete overhaul, with most of the Flash gone and a user-friendly CMS. Second, it had to have some extremely specific and extensive customization. The client and Momentum were full of interesting ideas, which BoxCrush was ready to put into action.


BoxCrush implemented Momentum Worldwide’s design and customization requests, building the website in (a little less than) 40 days. Also constructed in Sitefinity, the new Genuity website features many customized solutions, including:

  • Customized home page – with an image carousel that allows the client to add rotating banners for their products
  • Development of an “Ask the Experts” feature, in which site visitors can submit a question and have Genuity experts answer it. This Q&A feature takes the submitted question, notifies the site monitor, routes the question to the right personnel, takes the answer and includes it in the Q&A section. It places a summary of the question and answer on the front page ad rotator.
  • Creation of custom ad modules for every area of the site. The client has the ability to pick and choose which ads go on which pages of the site. A custom ad module had to be developed for the Ask the Experts featured question.
  • Creation of a news function, customized to allows a portion of the news information to appear on the home page in ad form.
  • Creation of custom slider panels. When the visitor clicks on the Open button, more information about the topic appears as a slider panel.
  • Customized main navigation, so the client can divide the menu into product information and supporting information. The navigation had to be smart enough to dynamically place product information in light gray, and supporting information in dark gray.
  • Custom-built dealer locator – In order to include all the suppliers, BoxCrush had to import all of the client’s dealer database (20,000 records in all), reformat each one for uniformity, include each dealer’s URL, and create a page turner so visitors to the site can view pages of records. Did we mention, the project had to be done in 40 days?
  • Testimonial Integration with Google Maps – BoxCrush created a custom Sitefinity control that integrated with Google Maps, allowing the client to enter customer testimonials and geo-locate them on a map. Once the client enters the address into the custom Sitefinity control, a marker shows up and can be manually repositioned for greater accuracy. The client can enter in a farmer's testimonial along with a photo, and the testimonial shows up on the map indicating the exact field that the testimonial is about. Potential customers can view testimonials of farmers in their area growing the same crops. They can search by city, state, zip code, or landmark, such as the Statue of Liberty. Results can be customized for corn, soybeans and all other Genuity crops. The map features fully customized markers and integrated graphics and will automatically zoom to a level that displays at least 15 results.
  • Customized Media Gallery – Client can upload video and audio programs into this gallery. Since the client specified Flash video as a requirement, BoxCrush customized the standard gallery to work with Flash instead of Silverlight. BoxCrush also organized the gallery into video and audio, and enabled a feature video to be shown on the top section of the gallery page.

BoxCrush was able to take Momentum Worldwide’s design and the client’s custom requirements, and build this large, interactive site in less than 40 days. The sitemap, containing over 90 landing pages, also includes literally hundreds of granular content items, including Questions and Answers, testimonial data, news, video, events and promotions.