Optimized AdWords Campaigns

Local Pet Store Case Study

Optimized Adwords Campaign

AdWords Features Utilized: 

  • Bid adjustments
  • Retargeting
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Affinity Audiences
  • Gmail Ads

If you don’t offer an e-commerce store on your website, does it really make sense to invest in AdWords? BoxCrush clients answer that question with a resounding "Yes!" Most of our paid acquisition clients don’t actually sell anything online, and are much more interested in gathering qualified leads.

A local pet store contacted us about running an AdWords campaign to drive traffic to their new and improved website, specifically to a pages featuring their animals available for sale. Interested buyers couldn’t purchase the animal online, but they could learn about the animal and which local store currently housed the animal.


It turns out, people search for puppies all day long. Children doing research for school, adults looking for dog memes, and potential customers all use Google to find what they are seeking. The client wanted to be present for potential customers, but not waste a lot of money on unrelated animal searches.


After consulting with the client, we drew up parameters for the AdWords campaign. The client deemed using their animal directory was a valuable action. We designed the AdWords campaign to point to the directory, and measured how many users who clicked through on ads spent time in that areas of the website.

The ads were scheduled to run all day long, with bid adjustments according to the time of day. Ads ran in a large radius around their stores, because people are often willing to drive to meet their new best friend. And a comprehensive list of negative keywords cut down on the number of ads clicked on by people not in the market to buy.

Use of their animal directory has increased month over month. Foot traffic is up in stores, and phone calls inquiring about animals available for sale are also on the rise.