Tony Gorball

Project Manager, Scrum Master
“When I started in working in web development, I explained my profession to relatives by saying ‘I work with computers.’ Now, the internet has become such an integral part of life that we carry it around in our pockets. I love that I understand the technology and that I have been an active participant in its evolution. It’s fascinating to imagine where we’re headed and exciting to know that I will have an impact on future developments.”

As Project Manager for BoxCrush, Tony enjoys sitting down with clients and hearing their ideas.  His own creativity is heightened by helping them attain—and even to exceed—their own expectations.

Tony sees the process of any project as a potentially chaotic experience waiting for someone to put order on it—and he’s just the PM to do that.  He prides himself in making the whole process smooth for everyone by allowing his team to focus on their design/development work and allowing his clients focus on their day-to-day work.  Tony sees his role as one of anticipating needs, deliverables and risks, so his clients and team don’t have to deal with delays and unpleasant surprises.

Pinning down a project’s scope and timeline isn’t where his role ends, however.  Projects are constantly changing, so he—and the project’s scope and timeline—have to be flexible throughout the project lifecycle.  Tony believes in flexing when it’s needed, but also in being sure the client and the team knows the impact of any change, whether that impact is on deliverables, timeline, or budget. This is where his experience in Agile software development is a great asset. Approaching projects with an Agile prospective allows Tony guide the BoxCrush team to constant success while remaining flexible to the changing needs of our clients.

Since Tony received his master’s degree in 1999, he has worked as a web developer and project manager.  Before joining the BoxCrush team, Tony was manager of Software Development and Scrum Master for a local software firm, where his responsibilities included serving as project lead for enterprise-wide software and web application development; implementing Agile development practices within the Scum framework ; and rebuilding corporate websites and internal applications using XHTML/CSS, PHP, JQuery, Flash and MySQL.

Tony graduated from Marian College in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education.  He followed that up with a Master of Science in Music Technology from Indiana University in 1999.  Music has always been a big part of his life. Prior to his move to technology, he was a music teacher and now he sings in the choir, serves as cantor at Masses at St. Roch parish, and plays drums in local bands, Uncle Juju and Spinrut.  Married with two children, Tony enjoys spending time with family and friends, working on DIY projects on his vehicles and around the house, and watching Sci-Fi movies, especially Star Wars.