Bethann Buddenbaum

Social Media Director
“When I started in the field of marketing, devising ways to reach consumers in a manner that connects to their day-to-day life and interests was called ‘lifestyle marketing.’ Today, making those essential connections is simply ‘marketing.’ It is more important than ever that we reach customers with the right message and in the right spaces. Anything else wastes their time and our clients’ money. There is a dizzying array of digital tools designed to help companies reach the masses, but it’s not always easy figuring out how to properly use them to connect with your target audience and achieve your goals. I love partnering with my BoxCrush team members and clients to put plans into action that help our clients succeed. Create, analyze, adjust, repeat — that’s good marketing. And, that’s what we do here at BoxCrush.”

Bethann works with clients to create meaningful connections with customers using social media and marketing automation tools. She has dedicated her career to exploring consumer lifestyles and to gaining an understanding of the diverse number of social and cultural influences that impact people’s decision-making.

She started her career in the recording industry, where she gained a passion for creating campaigns and programs that reached consumers on a grassroots level, finding the channels to connect with and motivate them in ways that were meaningful and relevant to their lives.

While in the music industry, she worked with some of the world’s top musical talent including Nirvana, Beastie Boys, and Foo Fighters, among others. As an associate manager, she was responsible for overseeing multi-million dollar tours, platinum-selling recording projects, online and offline marketing campaigns, and strategic marketing partnerships with companies such as Apple Computers, DC Shoes, Doc Marten, Girl, and Burton Snowboards.

In 1994, she worked with a team to develop one of the first comprehensive music websites, which went on to win multiple awards and gained industry recognition as a pioneering site for internet music marketing.

Bethann served as the Manager of Team Development and Relations for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE. This $10 million prize competition aimed to advance global technologies for fuel-efficient vehicles. Addressing a vexing communications challenge, she developed and managed an intranet site that acted as a communications and resource hub for the 120 competing teams. Tapping into the resources of teams spanning the globe, Bethann launched a webinar series to teach competitors about various social media platforms, digital marketing strategies, and website development. She established a relationship with Consumer Reports, which resulted in their auto team judging the entries and ongoing coverage of the competition on their digital properties.

As the owner of her own consulting agency, Define Cool marketing, she worked with a diverse client base of musicians, political candidates, eCommerce retailers, health care facilities, and manufacturers. It is her firm belief that if companies are to thrive in today’s volatile economy, they must market in ways that speak to the consumer, rather than talking at them.

Bethann graduated with a BA from Pepperdine University and received her MBA in eBusiness from University of Phoenix.