Ellen Olivetti

"It used to be enough to have a Web presence of some kind. The attitude was ‘… just put our brochure copy on the Web and that will be our website.’ But now, clients and customers are making business decisions, in part, based on what they find on a website. Many times, it is the first impression your company makes on potential clients. How important are the words? Now, more than ever, content counts."

Ellen Olivetti has been writing professionally for more than 20 years in the Indianapolis area.  With a background as an English and Journalism teacher in another life, Ellen loves the challenge of creating, developing, refining, and editing copy. Ellen’s writing experience is so varied, she doesn’t limit herself to one area of expertise. She has a strong background in the medical, real estate, financial, technology and industrial fields. She enjoys providing the words a client needs to communicate to businesses, consumers, or both.

In addition to Web writing, Ellen writes a wide array of collateral materials, including brochures, B2B and B2C materials, ads, press releases, postcards, newsletters, video and audio scripts, internal communication documents (such as employee manuals and training guides) and direct mail campaigns.

“There are many things I find rewarding about my work.  I love to interview our clients and really learn about their businesses.  I’ve written about almost everything, from technical engineering subjects to chicken farming, from potty training to plastic injection molding.  Every client is excited about whatever business they are in, and that makes it exciting for me to write about.  Developing the copy that will deliver each client’s message is really rewarding because I know good copy can help enhance their business and grow their bottom line.”

Family, friends, church activities and travel take up what’s left of Ellen’s time.  She is also actively pursuing a counseling certification and hopes to help establish a counseling center at her church in the future.