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Patty Grega

Executive Assistant

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"Working at BoxCrush, I have been able to do what I really love: supporting people, being creative, learning new things, and exploring to find solutions. I enjoy the opportunity to learn about digital marketing from the experts here at BoxCrush."
Patty Grega | Executive Assistant

Before joining BoxCrush, Patty Grega had never heard of digital marketing, search engine optimization, or the cloud. Now, she’s Beginner Certified in Google Analytics and is working on her certification for Google Ads.

Patty has a degree in chemistry and has worked for General Electric, NASA, and Eli Lilly and Co. The organizational skills she developed in her previous roles are a perfect fit for the BoxCrush team. She is an expert-level coordinator, problem-solver, and BoxCrush president-wrangler.

Patty enjoys learning new processes and skills, and she has helped colleagues with content audits, research, and social media campaigns. She looks forward to taking on additional responsibilities at BoxCrush.

Originally from Ohio, Patty has been an Indiana resident for the last 28 years. She enjoys being outside, hiking, gardening, and hanging out with family and friends.