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  • Meter measuring engagement registering high

    Connect with Your Audience Through Engagement Marketing

    by Bethann Buddenbaum | Apr 10, 2018
    Today’s savvy businesses and organizations increasingly rely on engagement marketing to build reach and effectiveness for better long-term profits.
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  • Last Jedi poster

    May the Crush Be with You

    by Bethann Buddenbaum | Oct 16, 2017
    Christmas is coming early for some Star Wars fans. BoxCrush clients should be on the lookout for your invitation to our annual celebration of history’s most epic space story.
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  • Internet browser

    Browser Wars: The Least You Need to Know

    by Dan Finney | Feb 01, 2012
    How long ago was your website built and when was the last time it was browser tested? At BoxCrush®, we test our website designs in the two most recent versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox (Mac and PC), Chrome (Google’s web browser) and Safari (the default Mac/iPhone browser).
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  • Colorful graphic image of scout badges

    BoxCrush Visits the Brownie Girl Scouts

    by Michelle McNally | Aug 01, 2011
    Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Brownie Troops #2557 & #2555 at Indianapolis Public School #56. The Brownies were working on their Career Try-It patch, and hosting a career night as its final requirement.
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  • Colorful graphic with computer and search icons

    Search Marketing Specialist at BoxCrush

    by Michelle McNally | Jan 21, 2011
    It takes only a few minutes to set up an AdWords campaign. It takes much longer to create an effective campaign which gets your desired click-through rate (potential customers clicking on the link in your ad), and your ads to display in correspondence with the desired searches.
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  • Typewriter with the word "Proofread"

    How-To: Proofread Your Website

    by Dan Finney | Sep 16, 2010
    Special characters such as the ampersand, fractions, MS Word-generated "curly" quotes, em-dashes, and others are not read consistently on every computer. For this reason your designer should be replacing each of these with a coded character that will be read properly by all computers. You can often see these mistakes in a web browser during the final proofing of the functional site.
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