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  • Reflections from BoxCrush Employee10

    Reflections from BoxCrush Employee #10

    by Michelle McNally | Nov 05, 2020
    Ten years ago, around the time Instagram made its debut, BoxCrush hired me as a freelancer. In November 2010, I became the tenth employee – and the first marketing employee – on the payroll, and I’ve been a dedicated BoxCrusher ever since. A lot has happened since that first freelance assignment!
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  • project in modern office

    5 Ways Nonprofits Can Retool Marketing Efforts

    by Michelle McNally | Oct 15, 2020
    This has been an unusual and unpredictable year, and businesses of all sizes have had to change their operations in accordance with social distancing recommendations or state and local mandates. For nonprofit organizations whose revenue depends largely on fundraising events, this year has been especially challenging. Now’s the time for nonprofits to refocus and to put more energy into digital marketing.
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  •  B2C Blog Post Banner

    Digital Marketing Adjustments for 2020 and Beyond

    by Michelle McNally | Sep 29, 2020
    This year has thrown retailers for a loop like no other year in recent memory. If you had told business owners at the end of 2019 that they’d soon be counting the number of customers in their stores, disinfecting shopping carts, and taking the temperature of employees as they reported for work, most would have had a hard time believing it. Yet, here we are.
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  • Henderson-trail-blog-social

    Lost on the Knobstone Trail: A Hiking Misadventure Prompts Marketing Insights

    by Jenny Henderson | Sep 25, 2020
    We were on the right track, after becoming hopelessly lost on the Knobstone Trail in Jackson-Washington State Forest. I estimated we had about a tablespoon of potable water left, and roughly three miles to go before we made it back to the car. My husband seemed fine. I was feeling the dehydration set in but decided to save the last bit of water for our intrepid companion, Martha the Bird Dog.
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  • BC_Blog_MfgMktg

    How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Manufacturing Business in 2020

    by Michelle McNally | Sep 09, 2020
    Manufacturers with a global supply chain or customer base have been monitoring the novel coronavirus since it first emerged in Wuhan, China. As the virus reached the United States and new information emerged about how the virus spread, even manufacturers with an entirely domestic supply chain needed to shift operations for safety reasons.
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  • Project managers meeting

    How to Use Your Product Information to Make New Content

    by Michelle McNally | Jul 29, 2020
    You know what makes your products or services unique, and how to describe them. Why not turn that knowledge into pieces of content? At BoxCrush, we created single-sheet documents that describe each of our services. Our sales team can use these to explain services to prospective clients, and we can also share them on social media, with an accompanying graphic.
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