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Connect with Your Audience Through Engagement Marketing

by Bethann Buddenbaum | Apr 10, 2018

If your marketing plan still hinges on impersonal broadcasts and bare bones ads…well, how can we put this nicely? 2004 is on the line and wants its strategies back.

Today’s savvy businesses and organizations—from top international brands to niche mom-and-pops—increasingly rely on engagement marketing to build reach and effectiveness for better long-term profits.

What is engagement marketing?

credit: Pushing Daisies / Warner Bros. Television 

Engagement marketing, sometimes also called relationship marketing, uses helpful content to have a conversation with customers. You build rapport and establish expertise, and then your loyal audience spreads the word in a rippling effect of reach. 


Why does relationship marketing work?

The average internet user sees more than 3,000 different information inputs per day. Engagement marketing cuts through the noise with meaningful, helpful, relationship-driven connection.

And the impact of social proof continues to grow. As of early 2017, over two-thirds of consumers relied on self-guided purchasing decisions rather than direct sales, with the vast majority weighting social proof—recommendations from friends and connections or even reviews from people they don’t know—more positively than traditional marketing.

The world is a busy place, and inputs aren’t shrinking. To stay relevant and build your audience and market share, you have to connect with your audience. The best way to do that is with strategic relationship marketing.

How can we connect with our audience?

credit: Supernatural / The CWThink of engagement marketing as a conversation that builds the relationship between your brand and your customer. You and a friend might start talking about a recent episode of your favorite show, then laugh about the latest viral meme on Facebook, which reminds your friend to tell you about the amazing detergent she tried last week that really does get spaghetti sauce out of t-shirts. She’s enthusiastic because the stuff really works, and you’re listening because you value her opinion.

How do you connect with your audience using engagement marketing? You build that sort of rapport and get your customers psyched to talk about your brand to their friends. 

What’s the ROI for engagement marketing?

Simply put, it’s reach. Admittedly, relationship marketing is a long game. You may not see an immediate lift when you get started. But building that conversation, nurturing relationships, and cutting through advertising skepticism with expanding circles of social reach can be invaluable to you.

In the short term, engagement marketing builds your SEO, but in the long term, the decision to humanize your brand and broaden your reach with social proof will make or break your results.

Engagement marketing is the wave of the future. BoxCrush can help you get started. 

Let’s talk about how to craft a custom relationship marketing strategy to connect you with your audience and build you better results.

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